What is a king shepherd?

The king shepherd is a rare breed and continues to be a breed in developement. The king shepherd resembles a large german shepherd.

What makes a King Shepherd different from a German Shepherd?

The King Shepherd deviates from the AKC standard of a GSD so a new breed had to be developed for this type of look. Also rigorous breeding standards have been set to a dog which was free of the many health and tempermant issues that have been affecting the German Shepherd Dogs.

What is a rare breed?

The American King Shepherd is considered a rare breed because it is still in the early stages of developement.

In order to produce dogs that consistently meet the standard for that breed, it takes the breeding of a 3rd generation King. Due to indicators of a small gene pool, occasionally it is necessary to bring in a foundation dog to produce more 1st generation Kings. The dog would be approved by the KSCI Breeding Commitee.

How much exercise?

Puppies should be limited to puppy play, as their bones and joints are in a formative stage. Rigorous activity should be avoided. Use the exercise guidelines for the giant breed.

Adult dogs should have moderate excersise two  30 to 40 minute walks a day.

Temperment Indicators?

They should display a stable, sound temperment. They are not hyper or overly aggressive. Kings are very intelligent and very trainable in both obedience and personal protection.